With more than 50 years’ experience in the industry, Cardale garage doors are among some of the finest in the UK. Over those 50 years, Cardale has a rich heritage in producing some truly industry leading technologies. They introduced the concept of the ‘panel door’ from which the majority of today’s garage door designs are founded.

Cardale offer a range of garage doors, including Cardale up and over garage doors. The most popular style of garage door in the UK, Cardale have positioned themselves as one of the premier suppliers of up and over garage doors. Ideal where headroom for tracks is at a premium, Cardale up and over garage doors still maintain the option of automation.

Cardale also specialise in side hinged garage doors, with this traditional type of garage door ideal when there are obstructions in the garage. They offer excellent security and durability, and again automation is an option.

For when space is at a premium and you require a ‘park right up’ solution, Cardale sectional garage doors and Cardale Roller garage doors are the most effective solution. The smooth operation is coupled with enclosed moving parts to ensure completely safe operation.

As always we offer a range of Cardale garage door spares which your local Garage Door Team fitter would be more than happy to help fit.