Garage Door Installation Stanley

Our Wakefield team installed new double garage doors for our client, as their old ones were letting too much heat escapes the house and effectively costing them a fair amount of money due to always having to have the heating on. So we addressed the problem and suggested these roller insulated garage doors, as it would lock the heat in whilst also being practical, as these doors do not open outwards, there was also useful as their large cars could get in and out of these doors with ease. The customer is absolutely delighted with the appearance of their new garage doors and also the fact he can get out of his car without dreading the cold!

Howard Lindley, Stanley, West Yorkshire – ‘We can’t believe the difference in temperature in our house due to our new garage doors! Amazing how much they make a difference and how much we’re saving on bills every month. Also we love how practical the style of door is and how easy it is to get our cars in and out. Big thank you to the team’